SHORT to the point / Bucharest / Romania / 2022-09 / Experimental Short – Official Selection

5th Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium / Athens / Greece / 2022.11.19-26 / Official Selection / Programme "Sweet Tourism"



After a two-year trip around the world, Carlota Cortés, a photographer who has remained isolated after the painful death of her husband, is back in Spain.

That very day, her press agency offers her a photo essay: "The journey, a free subject”. Her anguish overwhelms her: she has not taken any photographs in the last two years and the "free subject" has always been her nightmare. Moreover, Carlota has lost almost all notion of colour and lives in a world she sees in grey.

As usual, she nags herself with questions and desperately clings to whatever comes her way: the presence of Turkish sailors on a Spanish ship; the winding track as a symbol of life passing by; death as the last journey; mass tourism; Buñuel's cinema; the overexcited audience of a concert threatened by a dilapidated cable car; migrants who are no longer even seen...

...before finally finding "her angle": in this inhospitable, cold and indifferent world, stop running, slow down and... Wait.

El Viaje (2022) is the sequel to Un Castillo en España (2021) but the two films can be seen independently of each other.


Title of the film: THE JOURNEY 

Title of the film (original): EL VIAJE

Genre: Experimental drama

Duration: 24’00’’

Finishing date: November 2022

Shooting format: Super 8

Screening format: DCP, ProRes, H264

Sound: Dolby 5.1, Stereo (ProRes, H264)

Country: France

Filming, Film Revealing, Script, Editing and Sound Design Max Belmessieri Sound Editing Colin Favre Bulle Mixing Manu Vidal Colorist Jean Belmessieri Sound Colorist Gine Graf Music Pollard Berrier, Danny Griffiths & Darius Keeler 

Laboratories L'ABOMINABLE and mediaCapture Postproduction Studios Personne Ici and SonoSapiens

Pitch: Grieving photographer Carlota Cortés comes back to Spain after a two-year hiatus, a solo world tour during which she took no photos. On the same day, her agency offers her a photo essay. Her anguish worsens when she discovers the theme: her journey.