Episode #3 is being edited. 

What will this episode tell?

Photographer Carlota Cortés was entrusted with a vague assignment involving clouds.

She wonders about this new mission’s meaning and asks herself how to take pictures of something so amorphous, something that doesn’t have any defined shape. This work about evanescence brings her back to the ghost haunting her: her lover Marko, who disappeared from her life years earlier.

As for Marko, he is fully alive but partly amnesiac. He watches his Super 8 movies on a loop, these his only memories from the years spent with Carlota. He wonders: why doesn’t she talk to him anymore? Why, in one of his films, is she running away?

On her photographic quest, Carlota starts feeling the presence of her man soon appearing itself as a cloud in the night, chanting: « Nothing gets lost, everything gets transformed.»

While Carlota strives to decipher the changing stories the cloud cover tells, Marko continues his movie screenings... and a strange phenomenon begins, leading to several interpretations: either the Super 8 movies are influencing Carlota’s choices or the clouds are leading Marko’s. Or perhaps one of the two worlds only exists in the other’s imagination.

By paying extreme attention to nature, could Carlota capture the inaccessible to reconnect with her own history?