>>>> October 2023: Greece >>>>

El Viaje will be screened on Friday, October 27 in the 7:00 pm program entitled Archeology of the Future for the 1st edition of the International Experimental Film Festival in Athens, Attiki, Greece.

The International Experimental Film Festival is organized by the Institute of Experimental Arts.

International Experimental Film Festival is organized by the Institute for Experimental Arts, supporting the common and just struggle of all of us in Greece to save the historical building of the Association of Greek Archaeologists, which is threatened with eviction by the state. After many months of preparations, our organization as also the participators of our festival, directors, actors, technicians, musicians from 20 different countries, we hope that we will succeed to change the decision of the Ministry of Culture and saving the Association's building, with the great contribution to the cultural life of the city of Athens.
International Experimental Film Festival seeks to expand the possibilities of film beyond traditional formats and spaces, creating a zone of creative contagions between analog and digital, creating a meeting place for cinema and the visual arts, filmmaking and critical thinking, history and research of the contemporary social conditions.
Experimental cinema is a free, radical and purposeful cinema that responds to the aesthetic, political or philosophical need to see and explore cinematic horizons, away from large industries and hegemonic formulas of creation. It is through experimental cinema that we find authentic ways to create audiovisual art.
A cinema that breaks the narrative, and most of all opens the visual bounds to which we’re used. A cinema that elaborates the medium to its fullest, by including even the most extreme possibilities. 

John Cage said it well: an experimental action is one the outcome of which is not forseen; the cinema we’re looking for is a cinema of the unpredictable.

>>>> october 2023: Germany >>>>

El Viaje will be screened at the 7th Berlin Revolution Film Festival

Saturday, October 21 at Cinema Moviemento, Kottbusser Damm 22, 10967 Berlin, 5pm program, in the presence of director Max Belmessieri. Link to program coming soon.

Follow the film's career on https://www.facebook.com/elviajethefilm/

Berlin Revolution Film Festival is an annual event where we promote and celebrate films not tied to big production companies, institutions or TV stations. We look for unconventional auteur-driven films made with a personal voice and style. Experimental, Fiction, Documentary, Animation and all sorts of genres – anything goes as long as the banner of Independence is held high. Attention in the selection process will be given to artistic originality and creativity.

>>>> September 2023: France >>>>

Un Castillo en España will be screened out of competition during the 5th edition of the COMETT Film Festival, 

which will take place from September 26 to 30 in Agen and in 9 other cinemas in Lot-Et-Garonne and Gironde.

The screening will take place on Friday, September 29 at 6:30 p.m. at the LES MONTREURS D'IMAGES cinema after a talk entitled ""From location to setting, from setting to landscape", led by Camille Gendrault, historian and doctor of film studies, and Max Belmessieri, location manager.

See the full program.


>>>> June 2023: Germany >>>>

We are delighted to share with you that 

El Viaje has been selected for the 7th edition of the Berlin Revolution Film Festival

More information to come for the dates of the event...



>>>> February 2023: Sweden >>>>

"The journey" is Nominated for an award at Stockholm Independent Film Festival




>>>> november, 2022: Greece >>>>

Screening of "The Journey" at BALKAN CAN KINO, Athens


A second selection for “The Journey” which will participate in the 3-day video installation "Decolonise: Screens in Loop", as part of the 5th Balkan Can Kino Film Symposium (19-26.11.2022) in Greece.

The installation consists of six screens, presenting forty films in total and will take place in the space managed by Zoetrope artists on:

Tuesday, 22.11.22 | 3.00 - 10.00 p.m.
Wednesday, 23.11.22 | 3.00 - 8.00 p.m.
Thursday, 24.11.22 | 3.00 - 8.00 p.m.

More info here: http://balkan-can-kino.com/

>>>> september 2022: Romania >>>>

Selection of "The Journey" at SHORT TO THE POINT


Just like “Un Castillo en España” that won the prize for best experimental film in October 2021, the second episode "El Viaje" (The Journey)  was selected by the Romanian festival SHORT TO THE POINT. You can find the September selection here.

>>>> October, 2022: Poland >>>>

Public screening of “Un Castillo” / Tuesday October 25 in the "Diary" program / Timeless Award




For those who are in Poland, the film will be screened on Tuesday, the 25th of October in the "Diary" program, at the Centrum Technologii Audiowizualnych in Wroclaw: https://fb.me/e/2VbsrXyn1






>>>> October, 2022: Turkey >>>>

Anatolia International Film Festival


And a new selection! Will Carlota go to Istanbul?

>>>> June, 2022: UNITED STATES >>>>

San Francisco Short Films Festival / “Un Castillo” wins "Best Editing"



After the "Best Editing" award at the 10th Bangalore Shorts Film in June 2021, one year ago already, we are happy to count a new award for BEST EDITING on the other side of the planet, at the Close: Up San Francisco Short Films Festival which took place from May 26th to 29th. The results are here: https://www.closeupsanfran.com/2022


>>>> April, 2022: UNITED STATES >>>>

San Francisco Short Films Festival / “Un Castillo” is in competition


“Un Castillo” (A Castle In Spain) is in competition from May 26th to 29th at the San Francisco Short Films Festival. Information here: https://www.closeupsanfran.com/projects/a-castle-in-spain

>>>> October, 2021: Romania >>>>

SHORT TO THE POINT, October 2021, "Un Castillo" is the Best Experimental


We are very happy Charlotte and I to announce that the Romanian festival in Bucharest chooses "Un Castillo" as the best experimental film for its October 2021 selection... This is our 5th prize in total and the 3rd prize in this category after the Vancouver Independent Festival and Fescilmar first time Spain.

Find us on the official festival website: https://shorttothepoint.com/congratulations-to-our-october-2021-award-winners/


>>>> october 2021: Romania >>>>


We continue our little way to the East: after the Polish festival Timeless Awards (Poland) which awarded us the prize for the best "Diary" and the selection at Kinoscop in Belgrade (Serbia), it is a Romanian festival that selects “Un Castillo en España” for the Experimental category…


>>>> October, 2021 : Serbia >>>>

“A Castle in Spain” selected by Kinoskop - Analog Experimental Film Festival



It's huge ! Another selection for "Un Castillo" in this festival dedicated to analog films: "Kinoskop is an independent niche festival, based in Belgrade, dedicated to exploratory tendencies and experimental ways of working with celluloid in the digital age, and a showcase for imaginative works of cinema that trigger strong audiovisual stimuli and puzzling afterthoughts, rooted in the spirit of experimental, surreal and underground cinema." That's all us!



>>>> October 2021: first interview >>>>

Interview of Max belmessieri by the Timeless Award Magazine


>>>> october, 2021: Poland >>>>

“Un Castillo”  is the "Best Diary Film" at the Timeless Awards festival in Wrocław


Un Castillo wins an honorable mention in the "Best Diary" category at the Timeless Awards festival in Wrocław, Poland. 

The purpose of this festival is to draw attention on cinema focused on Time, Memory and the Flow of Thoughts... 

This one was made for us!



>>>> september 2021: Spain >>>>

Best Experimental Film award at the Fescilmar sessions for the first time Spain

>>>> june, 2021: Argentina >>>>

Carlota in the Official Selection at the first edition of the FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL REDMOON

>>>> june, 2021: India >>>>

Un Castillo En España receives "Best Editing Award" at the 10th Bangalore Shorts Film Fest-21

>>>> april, 2021: UNITED STATES >>>>

Carlota is selected at the