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Associative film laboratory

Since 1996, L'Abominable has provided filmmakers and visual artists with the tools to work with film film media: super-8, 16 mm and 35 mm. The place works like a collective workshop where the machines used to make films are pooled: a filmmaker can develop his negative or reversal originals there, perform special effects and format changes, edit, work on sound or shoot copies.
Le Navire Argo

A cine-laboratory dedicated to silver film. A place of creation, projection and transmission, anchored in the city. Navire Argo, combining our artist-run film lab and a cinema open to the public, is to be hosted in the former Éclair film laboratory. To make this space entirely dedicated to contemporary and future photochemical film practices a reality, we are looking for significant funding in order to renovate the building. To help this living conservatory of cinematographic creation, training, and exhibition see the light of day, L’Abominable needs your support more than ever.